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Many people think that there are only a few platforms that provide legal free movie streaming services, in fact there are many sites that provide legal movie streaming. There are some who pay various fees with the services offered, but there are many free and legal sites for streaming movies. Below are some legal sites that can be visited for streaming movies, TV shows, and dramas. 

Recommended 25 Legal Movie Streaming Sites


Here everything is available, from soap operas, Korean dramas to movies. This is one of the legal platforms that can be accessed for free. So apart from movies, this platform can be used to watch TV shows even though there is no TV in the boarding house. The application can be downloaded on a smartphone which is then enjoyed via the internet anywhere and anytime. 

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney + Hotstar is an on-demand video service from India owned by Star India, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. This service was launched as Hotstar since 2015, prior to the acquisition of Hotstar by Disney + services in April 2020.


Not many channels upload movies on YouTube accounts, but there are several official channels that upload movies for free. Most of the films uploaded are indie films. There are also many short films found on several YouTube channels whose stories are very interesting and can make the audience curious. 

It saw

This site provides many films and dramas from Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Indonesia. This is a legal movie streaming site platform that can be enjoyed through a website or application that can be downloaded on a smartphone. 

Film crisis

This is one of the free movie streaming sites that can be watched on YouTube. Filmrise has a channel on YouTube so it is very easy to access it with a large selection of movies that have been uploaded. There is no charge for streaming movies here and make sure the internet speed is supportive and fast. 


The next free movie streaming site is popcornflix.com, which can be used for free and legally. Apart from films, this site also provides TV shows and documentaries. If it is difficult to access, this site sometimes requires a VPN.


This platform that provides HD quality movie streaming at affordable prices can be accessed at hulu.com. Some films can still be watched but with a few choices, only pay IDR 90,000 per month, unlimited films to choose from and watch. By paying a subscription fee, all movies with quality can be watched anytime and as much as you want.


This site is perfect for old school movie lovers from the 1930s to the 1990s. There are many genres to choose from on this site, such as romance, horror, comedy, adventure, cartoon, fiction, drama, and many more. This is also one of the sites that can provide historical knowledge because old-school films are sometimes difficult to obtain. 


If you are looking for streaming Indonesian films as well as Hollywood, genflix.co.id is one of the answers. The films provided on this site are many and complete, one of the advantages of this site is that it provides content in Javanese and Anime. 

Movies Found Online

This site can also be accessed for free and legally and provides many other options not only films, namely documentaries, TV series, to old school films that are underrated in their time. Just type moviesfoundonline.com in Google search. 


There are many film genres to choose from on this site, documentary, horror, comedy, drama, and many more. All can be accessed by visiting tubitv.com, then selecting the movie to watch, and pressing the 'play' button. This legal movie streaming site can be accessed on various devices such as cellphones, computers and laptops.


This one movie streaming site is perfect for drama lovers in Asia, from Korea and China. Apart from movies, this site also provides music videos from K-Pop groups that you can enjoy. Viki.com is a legal site that can be accessed to find entertainment in a boarding house.


This is a movie watching application that can be enjoyed for free and legally and has the same principles as a library. So the films provided here can be borrowed and must be returned within a certain period. Apart from movies, this application also provides books and TV series.


This site can be opened via a browser or download applications on smartphones and smart TVs. The catalog of films provided is quite complete so that there are many choices of films to watch.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV can be said to be a cable TV provider, because it not only provides movies but also various TV channels. In addition, this platform is a movie streaming service provider. TV series and cartoons can be enjoyed for free through this service, movies and TV channels can be enjoyed by paying a subscription fee at a fairly affordable price.


This service is one that is owned by Gojek, various Indonesian films are here and can be enjoyed with a monthly subscription of IDR 89,000. Go-Play also provides many films from local film creators in Indonesia


There are two ways to stream Indonesian films here, paid or free. There will be more choices of movies to watch if you pay a subscription fee of IDR 60,000 per month. This site can still be accessed for free but is limited to the choice of films to be watched. 

Internet Archive

Through this site, apart from being able to stream movies, you can also download movies in the form of torrents. This site can be accessed at archive.org, not only films that can be accessed on this site, various collections of books and music can also be found there. The most important thing is that this site is one of the legal streaming sites.


Various films, dramas, series can be enjoyed through a platform where the application can be downloaded. The subscription fee offered varies from Rp. 49,000 to Rp. 169,000. If you are not sure whether to subscribe, you can get a free trial for new accounts.


The entertainment provided by this platform is not only movies, books and comics that can be enjoyed on this site. The application can be downloaded on a smartphone by accessing it using a public library card or a campus library card.

Open Culture

This is one of the providers of free movie streaming sites with HD quality from around the world, apart from movies this site also provides free online courses, books, and audio as well. This site is also a legal site that can be used as another alternative.

Classic Cinema Online

As the name implies, this site provides classic films so it is perfect for old school movie lovers. The website offers an excellent movie search making it very easy and fast to find a movie to watch.

Public Domain Torrents

On this site, various kinds of movies can be downloaded for free in the form of torrent files that have copyright and are of course legal. The films provided by this website are mostly old and classic films, to download movies on this website is free of charge.

Amazon Prime Video

Not only for shopping, Amazon has also provided a platform for streaming movies since 2006. Apart from movies, there are also TV series that can be accessed on this platform.


The next online streaming movie link is nites.tv, there are no advertisements displayed on this site so when watching movies it will be very comfortable without any distractions. 


The services provided by UseeTV can be used on personal devices such as cellphones, laptops, computers, and tablets. Not only films, TV series and dramas can also be watched here. Various Indonesian films to films from abroad can be accessed with this service. 

The list of streaming movie watching sites above are some of the recommendations that can be accessed easily anywhere and anytime. Better to enjoy movies legally so as not to harm many parties. Another advantage you get if you stream movies legally is guaranteed security for the device used. When compared to illegal movie streaming, which usually takes quite a long step and may not necessarily be able to watch the film you want. Illegal sites in general also place a lot of advertisements on their sites so that it often makes watching movies uncomfortable. 

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